Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Want to be Your Shadow

Kat Teede's lovely exhibition 'I want to be your shadow' opening last night at Hand Held.















Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alley Cat Books

The Alley Cat books are now on display in the foyer of Frankston Arts Centre. Spread ou over 4 cabinets the books have been separated into 4 groups: Stretch and fold, roll and spool, upside-down/inside-out/back-to-front, and separate/divide/play. There are 12 books in the exhibition.All books contain the complete text of AlleyCat Nomad by Adrian Lawson.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New little red fish exhibition in Frankston

I am currently working on books for a September - October exhibition in Frankston at Frankston arts center. The exhibition will be an extention of the Mini/Massive/En Masse exhibition held earlier this year at Hand Held.
I've made several new books for the show and the latest one is driving me a little crazy as I have decided to cut up a fair amount of the novel line by line and am winding it like tread onto a spool. It's very slow and time consuming but it looks pretty cool.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Minuscule/Massive.En Masse

My current exhibition at Hand Held is underway. The exhibition is made up of 8 artist books/prototypes which are all interpretations of the manuscript 'Alley cat Nomad' by Adrian Lawson. All books contain text that is 3point or smaller so magnifying glasses are provided in the exhibition space.

Concert Book (tall) is a 10m long concertina book folded into a tall slim volume. On the shelf it folds and curls around itself in a maze of pages.

Scroll Box is a new take on an old idea. The scroll is built into a box which contains a magnifying glass.

Mini/Massive is a teeny tiny 1000page book. 4x3x8cm when closed.

Arch Concertina is another folded concertina that stretches out over 20m

Accordion, a tall slim accordion book that provides the entire manuscript on one long page.

City Alley Poster, The entire novel fits onto 6 A2 posters. The image is the work of the novelist Adrian Lawson.

Unfold, each page of the book folds out to 4 times it height.
Labyrinth, a wall piece where the pages weave and wind.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In The Works

Little red fish books has been busy. We recently attended a zine fair at Hawthorn town hall. We made 150 new zines and books for the event, sold about 40, and as a result have stocked up the gallery with a good new collection. We created 5 new zines for the event: The Home Furnishing Manual, Architectural elements, City of palimpsests, the rudimentary Boris puzzle, as well as remaking about 5 others including the Unknown Artists colouring books, Destination Dumbo and Maze City among others.

There are a few new books on the horizon. We have two books in the works for Barbara Boyd-Anderson, one is a poem; a concept Barbara has conceived where indiviuals will respond to the notion of 'Hand Held'. The first being her own. The book will be a collaboration between poet and book maker. Her other book will include photos and anecdotes in verse of the history of port Melbourne.

Bridget Lawson's book of poetry is underway, as are her Tarot cards, a new and personal interpretation of the Tarot.

The Unknown artists colouring book project is well underway with 34 of the 50 books made for the project given out to potential artists. We are just waiting for them to be sent back to us.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mini Zines

I also make mini-zines, ranging from 6cm- A6 size.I like to experiment with folding, shapes and sizes. I'm not fussed with different papers and tend to print mainly from my computer using scanned images of my art works. Mini zines range in price from $5-$20 and are available through hand held gallery.

My Books

I have been making books and zines for the last few years. My focus is on immediate, simply bound books.
I work mainly with found paper of no specific origin hand-bound into small scale books, rarely more than 10cm high.
My books tend to be hand drawn or cut and explore mainly architectural motifs and the city.
My books can be purchased at my gallery Hand Held'. Or contact me by e-mail.
Hand-bound, hand drwn books range from between $90- $300.