Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In The Works

Little red fish books has been busy. We recently attended a zine fair at Hawthorn town hall. We made 150 new zines and books for the event, sold about 40, and as a result have stocked up the gallery with a good new collection. We created 5 new zines for the event: The Home Furnishing Manual, Architectural elements, City of palimpsests, the rudimentary Boris puzzle, as well as remaking about 5 others including the Unknown Artists colouring books, Destination Dumbo and Maze City among others.

There are a few new books on the horizon. We have two books in the works for Barbara Boyd-Anderson, one is a poem; a concept Barbara has conceived where indiviuals will respond to the notion of 'Hand Held'. The first being her own. The book will be a collaboration between poet and book maker. Her other book will include photos and anecdotes in verse of the history of port Melbourne.

Bridget Lawson's book of poetry is underway, as are her Tarot cards, a new and personal interpretation of the Tarot.

The Unknown artists colouring book project is well underway with 34 of the 50 books made for the project given out to potential artists. We are just waiting for them to be sent back to us.